Our group is a weekly peer-to-peer support group for those who face, or support those who face, mental health challenges.

Our attendees range from 40’s to 70’s, women and men, with a variety of challenges, but many report Depression, Anxiety, Hoarding, or Schizophrenia as primary concerns.

The attendees have been very vocal about how much the program has improved their lives and their functioning in the world. Read Dave’s letter to the editor about his experience – 2nd letter down: Dave’s letter – September 22, 2015



Our website is: BeachesMentalWellness.com

Our Facebook is: Facebook Link


We have been able to get the word out about our group through articles and letters to the editor in our local newspaper, the Beach Metro News.:


An article about the launch of the group in January 2015:  Mental Health Support Group Launches – January 27, 2015


An article explaining that the demand was so great we moved from a monthly meeting to a weekly meeting: Mental Health Group Move to Weekly – March 10, 2015


An article describing the positive change the group has had on attendees: Support Group Encourages Positive Change – September 8, 2015



We have had two facilitators with experience in peer-to-peer support. Our first facilitator (a group member – after all, it IS a peer-to-peer support group) joined us on the first day, and was so successful he parlayed his work with the group into a paid job one of the first peer counselors to be employed in a secure facility at a hospital to help patients. Our current facilitator has been with the group for over a year, and has an excellent ability to listen to everyone, be non-judgmental, and to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to speak if they wish.



The group has been instrumental in improving the lives of many people.  Here is the story of just one person…Julie, in her own words in a letter to the Editor:  Group helps break isolation of mental illness – January 23, 2018.



The need for this service is great, but it is difficult to get the message out that this service is available.


We have received funding from the East York Rotary club, and the Toronto East Rotary club,

and Community Centre 55


Thanks to both organizations!!!


…many thanks to both!!


We would, thus, love to find ways to let those people who need such a service know about it. If sufficient demand is there, we would be able to scale up our service to meet demand.